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Many people travel to Laos these days. I will give brief introduction about people who want to know about Laos and also the ones who want to travel to Laos.
Laos is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia neighboring by Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and China. There are three main cities in the country; they are Vientiane which is the capital city of Laos, Luangprabang and Champasak. Laos covers a total land area of 236, 800 square kilometers, almost 70% of the country being mountain and forest. The Mekong River flows through all parts of Laos.

Lao PDR has a population of about 6.7 million. There are over 45 different ethnic groups such as Hmong, Yao, Lue, Ka… Each tribe has its own custom, dialects and costumes.
The official language is Lao but English and French is used, usually for business purpose.
Laos is a Buddhist country with many temples. There is temple in every village in Laos. Early morning monks go for collect food (it is called alms) from people around the village. Giving alms is one way of making merit for Lao people.
Cost of living in Laos is pretty cheap. You can live here for a few hundred dollars a month. It’s one attraction of Laos.
If you come to Laos you shouldn’t miss Vientiane. There are good places for sign seeing and city tour such as that Luang Stupa, Pataxay Monument, Wat Sisaket and Wat Pha Keo, Wat phou and konphapheng water fall (Biggest water full in Laos) in southern Laos, Plain of jar is in Xieng Khuaung province the way up north and the interesting caves are in Vangvieng, the old museum palace, Phousi Hill in Lung Prabang.
If you enjoy tubing you shouldn’t miss Vangvieng, it would be a great experience.
There are many interesting things to do, interesting places to go and meet new friends. You’ll see a beautiful Lao culture that you should experience in a lifetime. Travel to Laos will be a great experience. If you are looking for somewhere exotic to go, travel to Laos is the key.

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