Laos work visa

If you want to stay longer in Laos, say like 1 year and up you would need 1 year Laos visa, in order to get this kind of visa you must have a job in Laos. The employer will take care of the work permit, once you have 1 year work visa stamped(it is written B2 visa) in your passport then it's easy to apply for work permit and resident card.
Obtaining the Laos work permit, documents needed:
1. Passport
2. B2 visa (1 year visa)
3. Resident card.
4. photos.
In order to get B2 visa, first of all you would need a document from your employer, it's a confirmed document that you're working with the company, your employer should give you that document , if you are in Laos you would need to leave the country and re enter again before they issue you a B2 visa. You would enter Laos with the document provided by your employer and give them at the border crossings or international airports then they would give you B2 visa, you still have to pay fee same as cost of Laos visa on arrival
After you have the B2 visa then it's easy to apply to either work permit or resident card, your employer would take care of that, the fee of resident card is about $90 for the first time but the next time when you extent the cost would lower to $60, the most expensive thing is work permit, the fee is about $240, your employer might pay for you, it depends on agreement between you and your employer. It's pretty easy to get 1 year work visa as long as you have a job in Laos.

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  1. For how many days should a work/employment permit may be release from the time of application of the employer?

  2. How long does it take to process and release a work permit applied by the employer?

  3. $240 fee for work permit is official or non official (no receipts) and if it is for both what is the portions for both. Thanks

  4. $240 is official but now they have changed. It'll be more. I will update when I know the AMOUNT FOR SURE.

  5. Hi Noknoy: I need to get in 6 foreigners to work in Laos for my Co, I need to know whether it is more economical to do it myself or through agency.I knew someone did it all paying USD 370, if he is paying 370, how much is actually the agency fees?
    How much the Govt dept charge now for resident card and work permit?

  6. Work permit is on yearly but can be extended.

  7. You can actually do it yourself but you need to prepare some documents. I am not sure about the cost of government charge. I'll find out with a friend, she have done this for the employees of her company. I'll let you know. You can drop me an email: I'll reply with more detail there when I know.

  8. Hello Sir

    i.m from Pakistan and if you need worker then i will work with you but 1st i will take Thailand visa then you will get Laos work permit from Laos embassy

  9. Hi. Please can any one help. We will be living and workung in Laos for 1 year. Our visa is sorted ( business visa). But what about my son. What sort of visa will he need to stay for a year. Or can he be included on the business visa???

  10. Replies
    1. hw much is it to extend my work visa for laos i currently have a year visa. also is it possible to extend but work for a different company, and is there a limit to which you extend?

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