Learn Some Lao Words

It would be a great benefit if you know some Lao words whether you travel to Laos or living here. below are some basic words you should know

The Lao word for color is “See”. It’s a must to say see first before you name any color for example White is “ See Khao” in Lao

Below are list of color

1.    White = See kow
2.    Yellow= See Lueang
3.    Orange= see som (or you can say see num mark kieng)
4.    Red= see daeng
5.    Blue= see fa
6.    Pink= see bua
7.    Beige= see keem

Counting in Lao language

One = Neung
Two= Song
Three= Sam
Four = see
Five= ha
Six= hok
Seven =jed
Eight= pad
Ten= sib
Eleven=sib et
Twelve= sib song
Thirteen = sib sam
Fourteen = sib see

Once you can count to eleven then the rest is a piece of cake. When you count till 11 then the next  is 10+ 2 (sib song), 10+3(sib sam), 10+4 (sib see),…
Twenty is sao and twenty one is sao et. Then it comes to the same formula as above for example
20+2 (sao song), 20+3(sao sam),…
Thirty is sam sib
Fourty is see sib
By now you can count all the way to one hundred
50=5 X 10 (ha sib)
60=6 X 10 (hok sib)
70=7 X 10 (jed sib)
80=6 X 10 (pad sib)
90=6 X 10 (kao sib)

One hundred= neung hoi
Two hundred= Song hoi
Three hundred= sam hoi
Four hundred= see hoi
Five hundred = ha hoi
Six hundred = hok hoi
Seven hundred = jed hoi
Eight hundred = pad hoi
Nine hundred = kao hoi
One thousand = neung pan

Days of the week

Monday= van chan
Tuesday= van khan or you can say van ang khan
Wednesday= van phoud
Thursday= van phahud
Friday= van souk
Saturday= van sao
Sunday= van tid

Months of the year

January   = mung kon
February= kum pa
March= mee na
April= may sa
May= peaud sa pa
June=mi thu na
July= kor la kod
August= Sing ha
September= kun ya
November= pha jik
December= tan wa