How to Get English Teaching Job in Laos

Laos is not like Thailand, Taiwan other places that English teaching jobs are advertised via various sources like internet, newspapers and so on.

Where to find English teaching jobs in Laos.

1. Internet.

If you look for teaching job in Laos on internet you’ll find a few to nothing, sometimes those jobs are out of date already so forget about internet when you are looking for teaching positions in Laos.

2. Newspaper.
There’s only English Newspaper in Laos which called Vientiane Times. Sometime schools or other organizations advertise jobs there but it’s every now and then. It’s not a secure place to look for job.

3. Look by yourself.
You need to find English schools and apply for job by yourself. You can both go to schools directly and give your CV there or by sending your hard copy of CV to the schools. This way works for many people who teach English in Laos. Don’t forget to leave your contact information like telephone numbers and this. Some of the schools you apply will eventually call you for interview. It’s a good start.

Here are list of English schools in Laos that hire English teachers. Some school requires degrees and other teaching certificates. Be preparing for all documents you have. Some schools hire only native English speakers so if you are native English speakers with a degree, you have better chances than others.

If you are interested to work as a private tutor you can contact this email address:

1. Kiettisack International School.
Usually they look for teacher before school year start on September. This school require only native English speaker with appropriate degrees and teaching qualifications. They open positions for other subjects too such as math, Chemistry, Computer and so on. You can find their website here:

2.Vientiane International School.

They also need only native English speakers with proper degrees and qualifications. You can send CV and other relevant certificates to them. And here’s their website:

3. Eastern Star Bilingual School.
You can see in one section of the website that wrote: Please fill up the job application form and send to: or

4. Panyathip International School.

5. JS school
    294 NongboneSt Nongbone Vientiane Cap.
    Vientiane Cap., Lao PDR
    Tel: +856 20 7810547
6. Lao Top College.

7. Lao-Singapore Business College

8. Vientiane College
 9. Lao-American College.
 10. Sharon School


  1. this site is number one - i wasted a lot of time before i got on here.... concise info on border crossing/visa etc

  2. Do you know anything about about Anousone Centre for English Studies? I really want to come out to Laos and find a teaching job, and I saw an advertisement by them some time ago, but cannot find ANYTHING else online! Any info would be very much appreciated. Thanks :-)

  3. Anousone Centre for English Studies

    PhonsinouanSt Phonsinuan Vientiane Cap.
    Vientiane Cap., Lao PDR

    * Tel: +856-21 4122 04
    * Mobile Phone: +856-20 5511 184
    * Mobile Phone: +856-20 5511 233
    * E-Mail:

  4. Yeah good site thanks!
    Will definitely use this when i decide to go.

  5. yes,i really want to work in laos. i want to teach
    english..yes this would help me alot to find.

    1. After reading your post you have made me feel A LOT more confident of finding a job in Laos. Thank you....

  6. Anousone Centre for English Studies (ACES) is an excellent school with a very nice director. Some very wonderful teachers there too. I highly, highly recommend working there if you have any desire to teach English in Laos. My wife and I both worked there and we can't say enough good about Eddt and her school!!!

  7. Hi thanks, love all the above info. Very keen to hear more.
    Anonymous, My husband and I are hoping to work in Loa as you have. Can you and all other readers please tell me if you have degree's and or TESOL. We would like to know which course we need to help find work.
    We are both in our mid 50ies.
    Both Ausies.
    Both very keen.
    Both have good jobs here and hope to take 12+ months leave.
    Can you please tell me when the school year begins I had thought June but now think it may be September?
    Thanks Lyn

  8. Teacher-English
    I'm from India and have a good flair of English. I had also done my masters degree in the US. Just advice if I would be able to get a job in schools in Loas.