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When you visit Laos it is always good to learn some words. You probably won't need to use much if you travel to only the main tourist areas. However, the lao people you meet will be impressed if you try to use a little Lao with them. Here are some Lao words you should know if you travel to Laos

"Sabaidee" that is how we say Hello in Lao.

How are you = Sabaidee bor (Lao)

I am fine = khoi sabaidee (Lao)

I am not feeling very well = khoi bor sabai (Lao)

I am sorry = Kaw tode

Never mind/ you are welcome = Bor pen yang

Thank you = khop jai (Lao)

Can you speak Lao = Jao wao pasa lao dai bor (Lao)

Can you speak English = Jao wao pasa angkit dai bor (Lao)

My name is.... = khoi sue wa......

What is your name = Jao sue yang

Nice to meet you = Yin dee ti dai hu jak jao

Yes = Chao

No = Bor

I am hungry = khoi hew

I am full = khoi im

I want to eat = khoi yark kin

I want to go.... = Khoi yark pai....

I've got a headache = Khoi jeb hua

I've got a stomachache = Khoi jeb tong

I like Laos = Khoi mak Muang Lao

I like Lao people = Khoi mak kon lao

I don't want to go back home = Khoi bor yark kub baan

You are very beautiful = Jao ngam lai

I really like you = khoi mak jao tae tae

Do you want to go out with me = Jao yark pai tiaw kub khoi bor

Do you want to go see a movie with me = Jao yark pai berng nang kub khoi bor

I enjoy talking to you = khoi mak lom kub jao

I love you = khoi huk jao

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Questions and answers about traveling to Laos

1. I am soon going to travel up to Luang Prabang and from there I would like to travel by land to Hanoi. What is the best way to do this ? If possible I would like to avoid going back to Vientiane.

Answer: The best way to do this overland is going to Hanoi from Vientiane but since you want to avoid Vientiane you can go via XiengKhouang Province.

2. We are thinking of staying in Vientiane for 3 days at the Lao Orchid Hotel or the Le Calao Hotel. Which would you recommend?Also like to stay 5 days in Luang Prabang at the Le Calao Hotel or something similar but must have pool, any recommendations? Also could you please send me some information on tours and things to see and do in both places?

Answer: I would recommend Lao Orchid Hotel, it’s a good hotel, you can check review on internet, many people thinks the same as me. For Luang Prabang I would recommend grand hotel. You can check information on tours and things to see and do following these links:

3. I am visiting laos for 6 days starting next week. i am wondering whether i can rent a car with an English speaking driver for 3-4 days. How much will that cost? i would like to travel to LP and Van Vieng and whatever places in between.

Answer: You can rent a car with a driver, about the price, it depends on where you want to go. The price for city tour is USD 35 per day but if you traveling to Vangvieng and Luang prabang is quite expensive, they would charge USD 120- USD 150 per day.

4. I will be travelling to Laos from Siem Reap.How to get to Vientiane from Siem Reap? Bus or train? Plan to spend one night at Vientiane and how to travel
to Vang Vieng? Heading to famous Luang Prabang for 2 nights..How to go to Hanoi after Luang Prabang?

Answer: there’s no train from Siem Reap to Vientiane, you can either fly or take bus, taking a flight would be the most convenient, it would take you a very long drive if you choose to go by bus. From Vientiane you can take bus to Vangvieng, it takes about 3-4 hours. There’s direct flight from Luang Prabang to Hanoi.

5. I will be traveling with intrepid travel through Laos to Vietnam. The trip plans for us to travel overland from Vientiane to Hanoi through Lak Sao. I was wondering if this is an interesting route. Since the trip will be hours and hours in a minivan I am thinking maybe it would be preferable to fly from Vientiane to Hanoi. What do you think?

Answer: Yes, flying is the best option.

6. am going to Laos in August. My plan is to first stop in Vientiane and then goes to Luang Prabang. In Luang Prabang, I plan to take my Visa to Vietnam and then head to Hanoi.Could you please advise me on the possibilities for going from Luang Prabang to Hanoi? Bus and Airplane?

Answer: There’s direct flight from Luang Prabang to Hanoi, if you want to go over land you can go back to read question 1, I already answered it there.

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If you have questions about Laos please post your questions here or send me email at traveltolaos@gmail.com. I would be willing to answer to all questions.

Naga Rockets and Wat Phabat Phonesane

Wat Phabat Phonesane is one of the most important temples and tourist sites in Bolikhamxai province. It is situated km 82 from Vientiane on the left hand side of road N.13 south.

Wat Naganimid phonesane was first build on the right hand side and 2 km from the national road to the Mekong river.

Wat Phabat Phonesane is the Lord of Buddha foot print temple and stupa. It is very beautiful place to visit and worship.

Wat Naganimid was build of the top of the hill and has 100 stairs and surrounded by the big trees which made the temple more attractive.

Wat phabat Phonesane and Wat Naganimid are not the same temples.

There is an old saying which say that Wat Phabat Phonesane place the Lord Buddha sit for lunch, when he arrived from Somphoutavib to teach the Buddha's word. When he looked for a place to sit for lunch, there were no places for him, because everywhere were his former graveyards. because of that, the king of the dragon named Soukahathinak collected the rocks and soils to from the hill for him to have lunch.

After lunch, before he said good bye, the two dragons named Soukahathinak and Sangkalanak requested him to print his foot print as the symbol of Buddhism in Kokchiviengngoua hill which was as far as the shout of an elephant from the place where he took lunch. The Lord Buddha printed his foot print on the rock as we have seen in Wat Phabat Phonesane.

The size of the foot print is 40 cm deep, 120 cm wide and 240 cm length. The nails of the foot are the same length. The images of the wheel, the lotus and one hundred and eight types of animals marked in the central of the foot. It was his right leg and facing to the Mekong river. After the image of the Buddha foot was printed the dragon arranged a religious ceremony then returned to their kingdom.

Since then, at the end of the Buddhist lent, the king of the Naga and his followers have organized rocket festivals to worship the foot print in an annual ceremony. That is because people see the man made rockets lights launched from the land and the river. it is called Bangfai PhaNhanak(The Naga rocket).

Wat means temple, Phabat means foot important person and Phonesane means the hill where Lord Buddha sit for lunch. Unknown another temple on the top of the hill which has 100 stairs called (The dragon conjured the temple) to the Mekong river and green big trees which made the site.

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