Learn Lao Conversation

Conversation on the telephone

Sam: Hello. May I speak to Danny please?  = Hello khor lom kub Danny nea
Danny’s dad: Who’s calling?  = Man phai nor
Sam: = Sam na
Danny’s dad: Please wait = Ta bud neung
Sam: Ok  = Jao
Danny: = Hello

Sam: Hello Danny, this is Sam  = Hello Danny, nee man Sam na
Danny: Hi Same, what’s up?  = Sabaidee Sam, mee yang bor
Danny is not here: Danny bor yu
When will Danny be back? Danny shi kub ma ton dai/yam dai
That’s all, bye: Thor nee der, lagon
Can you please tell him that I called? Bork lao dai bor wa khoi tho ha
Can you ask him to call me back? Bork lao tho kub ha khoi dai bor
My phone no. is : Ber tho khoi man
Wrong number: Tho pid

Direction in Lao

Where is….?    = Yu sai
I want to go…. = Khoi yak pai
Toilet = Hong num
Airport = Sa-nam bin
Train Station = Sa ta ni Lod Fai
Which way? = Pai tang dai
Left = Sai
Right = Kwau
Straight = Sue
Is it far? = Kai bor
Yes, it is far = Kai
No, it isn’t far = Bo Kai
Floor = Sun
1st floor = Sun neung
2nd floor = Sun song
How much is it to go to morning market? = Pai ta lat sao thor dai


  1. Hello! You have an interesting website. It is nice to visit here.

  2. wow, thanks for the lesson in Lao language. I didn't realise it was similar to Thai, well, it looks like it might be, I guess in reality it might be quite different.

    Would you say that the lifestyle over there is similar to Thailand? Cost of living similar etc?

    I've been in thailand for 10 years and am beginning to think a change of scene is in order. I've never been to Laos though, I'd sure love to see it one day!