Travel to Pakse Champasack

Champasack is considered as the center of the economy, arts, culture and history in the southern part of Laos, and is home to world famous natural tourist attractions.

There are many local tribes in Champasack, such as Lao Loom, Khmer and Mon-Khmer. Champasak also preserves its unique arts and culture that differs from Luang Prabang and Vientiane, making a long drive worthwhile.

There are many famous attractions such as Wat Phu Palace, featuring Cambodian architecture built in the same area as Angkor Wat and Nakhon Thom. It has been awarded as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001, Lao's second after Luang prabang city.

The famous natural attraction is the Khonpa peng waterfall, which is the largest waterfall in Laos and nick name as the "Niagara of Asia". There is also Li Phi that has swift current and is located on Don Det with as many as 4,000 small islands that bring the name "Si Phandon".

Once in Champasak, one must not miss the chance to go and see the Pa Kha fresh water dolphin. To get there, you take high way No.13 south to approximately Km.154(5 km further down from the Khon Pa Peng waterfall). Then turn right and drive another 6 km into Ban Wern Kham port. You need to leave the vehicles there and here and rent a boat to the Lao-Cambodia border for 10 minutes. Here's the area Pa Kha lives, and you may have to pay 10,000 kips entry fee to see the dolphins closely.

Champasak district is located in the southern part of Laos and is 600 km away from Vientiane. The road is quite good and there are not as many mountain roads as in the northern part of the country.

Learn Some Lao Words

It would be a great benefit if you know some Lao words whether you travel to Laos or living here. below are some basic words you should know

The Lao word for color is “See”. It’s a must to say see first before you name any color for example White is “ See Khao” in Lao

Below are list of color

1.    White = See kow
2.    Yellow= See Lueang
3.    Orange= see som (or you can say see num mark kieng)
4.    Red= see daeng
5.    Blue= see fa
6.    Pink= see bua
7.    Beige= see keem

Counting in Lao language

One = Neung
Two= Song
Three= Sam
Four = see
Five= ha
Six= hok
Seven =jed
Eight= pad
Ten= sib
Eleven=sib et
Twelve= sib song
Thirteen = sib sam
Fourteen = sib see

Once you can count to eleven then the rest is a piece of cake. When you count till 11 then the next  is 10+ 2 (sib song), 10+3(sib sam), 10+4 (sib see),…
Twenty is sao and twenty one is sao et. Then it comes to the same formula as above for example
20+2 (sao song), 20+3(sao sam),…
Thirty is sam sib
Fourty is see sib
By now you can count all the way to one hundred
50=5 X 10 (ha sib)
60=6 X 10 (hok sib)
70=7 X 10 (jed sib)
80=6 X 10 (pad sib)
90=6 X 10 (kao sib)

One hundred= neung hoi
Two hundred= Song hoi
Three hundred= sam hoi
Four hundred= see hoi
Five hundred = ha hoi
Six hundred = hok hoi
Seven hundred = jed hoi
Eight hundred = pad hoi
Nine hundred = kao hoi
One thousand = neung pan

Days of the week

Monday= van chan
Tuesday= van khan or you can say van ang khan
Wednesday= van phoud
Thursday= van phahud
Friday= van souk
Saturday= van sao
Sunday= van tid

Months of the year

January   = mung kon
February= kum pa
March= mee na
April= may sa
May= peaud sa pa
June=mi thu na
July= kor la kod
August= Sing ha
September= kun ya
November= pha jik
December= tan wa

How to Get English Teaching Job in Laos

Laos is not like Thailand, Taiwan other places that English teaching jobs are advertised via various sources like internet, newspapers and so on.

Where to find English teaching jobs in Laos.

1. Internet.

If you look for teaching job in Laos on internet you’ll find a few to nothing, sometimes those jobs are out of date already so forget about internet when you are looking for teaching positions in Laos.

2. Newspaper.
There’s only English Newspaper in Laos which called Vientiane Times. Sometime schools or other organizations advertise jobs there but it’s every now and then. It’s not a secure place to look for job.

3. Look by yourself.
You need to find English schools and apply for job by yourself. You can both go to schools directly and give your CV there or by sending your hard copy of CV to the schools. This way works for many people who teach English in Laos. Don’t forget to leave your contact information like telephone numbers and this. Some of the schools you apply will eventually call you for interview. It’s a good start.

Here are list of English schools in Laos that hire English teachers. Some school requires degrees and other teaching certificates. Be preparing for all documents you have. Some schools hire only native English speakers so if you are native English speakers with a degree, you have better chances than others.

If you are interested to work as a private tutor you can contact this email address:

1. Kiettisack International School.
Usually they look for teacher before school year start on September. This school require only native English speaker with appropriate degrees and teaching qualifications. They open positions for other subjects too such as math, Chemistry, Computer and so on. You can find their website here:

2.Vientiane International School.

They also need only native English speakers with proper degrees and qualifications. You can send CV and other relevant certificates to them. And here’s their website:

3. Eastern Star Bilingual School.
You can see in one section of the website that wrote: Please fill up the job application form and send to: or

4. Panyathip International School.

5. JS school
    294 NongboneSt Nongbone Vientiane Cap.
    Vientiane Cap., Lao PDR
    Tel: +856 20 7810547
6. Lao Top College.

7. Lao-Singapore Business College

8. Vientiane College
 9. Lao-American College.
 10. Sharon School

Lao New Year

Lao new year means season of change from dry turn to rainy season. Generally, 14 15 16th of April are fixed for celebrating the festival during 5th Lao Month, so it called in another name that 5th Lao Month festival.

Background of 5th Lao Month festival: When the time changes into 5th Lao Month like April, the weather will be rather hot, people is easily sick and ill.

Watering the body, wishing each other is the idea of Lao philosopher since the Ancient time, in order to make relatives happy. And there is a story narrated in the past that: a pair of millionaires got married many years but they hadn't any child, so they vowed the Xay tree. The tree pitied them and it beg for the child from Brahma, so he send Mr. Thammabankoumman to be born. When the Thammabankouman was born, grew up and finsihed Tri-genders course and became a teacher, he is famous far away to Kabinlaphom, he heard the rumor Thammabankouman is omniscient, so he came to challenge and ask 3 questions such as: Where is people's sign in the morning? Where is people's sign in the afternoon? Where is people's sign in the evening?. He gave Thammabankouman within 7 days for answeing such questions and he fixed that if the questions doesn't have answer, the Thammabankouman will be decapitated, and if know the answer, he will be beheaded the same. Finally, because Thammabankouman knew animals'languages, prior to the appointment, he got the answer fromconveration ofa pair of birds on palm tree while them staying under the tree that: in the morning, the sign of people is the face, so people wash their face every morning. In the afternoon, a sign of people is chest, so people wash chest or take a bath in the afternoon. In evening, the sign of people is feet, so people wash feet before going to bed. When 7 day is due, Kabinlaphom came to listen the answer from Thammabankouman and accepted the 3 answers are correct and defeated for decapitating, before beheading, he called his 7 daughters and asked them to use the tray to obtain the head, because the people believe that if place the head on the earth, it will cause the fire. If throw away above, it will cause the drought. If drop in the water, the water will be4 dry. Therefore, he told his seven daughters to use the tray support the head and place in the cave. Every year his 7 daughters will change the shift to sprinkle and perfume their father's head in order to make the country happy. So that there's Miss. Sang Khan contest each year.

Nowadays, Lao New Year is the traditional festival continues every year. Activities celebration is to sprinkle the Buddha, monk, elderly people and watering each other. As the same time, There is Nang Sang Khan Palace procession, which means the seven daughters of King Kabinlaphom.

Best Places to go Shopping in Laos

When you visit Laos, you must go shopping as they are plenty of products available with a reasonable prices and the products you may not find anywhere else in the world. Below are popular shopping places in Laos.

1. Talatsao Mall or Morning Market in Vientiane.

Talatsao mall in a center shopping center for Lao and tourists. This is a must see place. You can choose plenty of souvenirs there.

There are plenty of products from local handicrafts, Jewelry, Goldsmith, Silver Wares, Painting, Wood Craving to Lao Music of Tradition Folk and Modern Fashion Hits, Books. Fashion Dresses, Shoes, Travel Bags. There is also a food court in the 3rd floor with many choices such as Lao, Thai, Vietnamese and Indian Foods. You can visit for more information.

2. Lao ITECC(Lao International Trade Exhibition And Convention Center) in Vientiane.

Lao ITECC is a biggest place for trade Exhibition in Laos. The trade fair is hold 1 to 2 times a month with plenty of products from various countries such as Lao, Thailand, Vietnam, and China. There is a supermarket, which called Tang Freres Lao Supermarket.

It's a popular place for local lao as there are many entertainment facilities such as bowling,  movie theater,  snooker clubs, karaoke. There's golf court outside. You can see more information about ITECC here

3. Night Market in Luangprabang.

This is a must see night market in Laos, you shouldn't miss this market when you visit Luangprabang. There are load of handicrafts such as textiles, clothing, carvings, and a lot more. You will be amazed of wide varieties of stuffs you have never seen anywhere else. The market is open every day from 5 to 10 or 11 pm.

Apart from the 3 places I mentioned above, there are still plenty of shops and boutiques in the tourists area. You can easily find those shops when you walk around the cities of Vientiane and Luang prabang. You can also visit local markets. It would be some kind of new experience.

7 Best Restaurants in Vientiane forTourists

 If you has no idea where to eat in Vientiane. Below are list of restaurants you may enjoy.

1. Khop Chai Deu Resturant

Khop chai deu meaning thank you in Lao. They serve Lao food, Thai food, Chinese food, Indian food, and western food. They also have set menus and buffet in second floor. If you go to restaurant, you wouldn't see many lao customers, there are many backpackers and tourists and expats.

Address: 54 Setthathirat Rd, Nam Phou, Vientiane, Lao P.D.R.
Tel: +856-21 251564, Catering Service: +856-20 5619107

2. Sabaidee Restaurant
They serve mixture of Lao, other asian and western food.
 Address:36 Setthathirath Road, Vientiane, Laos
Tel:+856 21 214 278
3. Nazim Restaurant

This is Indian restaurant. They serve authentic recipes from north and south India. Halal food is also catered for and the menu is finely balanced between vegetarian and meat dishes.

Address: Fa-ngoum Rd (Mekong), Vientiane, Laos
Tel: +856 21 223 480

4. Kualao Restaurant

They serve Lao food. They have Lao music and traditional Lao dance at night. There are also VIP rooms available. 

Address: 141 Samsenthai Road, Vientiane, Laos.
Tel: +856 21215 777  

5. Le Silapa Restaurant

 Le Silapa is a high standard restaurant in Vientiane. They serve french cuisine.
 Address: 17/1 Th Sihom, City Centre
 Tel: +856 21 219689

6. Full Moon Cafe

There serve lao, thai, chinese, vietnamese, and indian foods. There are plenty kinds of foods you can select. 
It's a relaxed place to eat. 

Address: Fran├žois Nginn Rd , Vientiane, Laos
Phone:+856 21 243373

7. Sticky Fingers Cafe and Bar

They serve western food. It's a place for expats to hang out.

Address: 10/3 Fran├žois Nginn Rd, Vientiane, Laos
Tel: +856 21 215 972

Luang Prabang hopes for Lao visitors at Pi Mai

(Vientiane Times)Luang Prabang's tourism office yesterday encouraged Lao people to visit the World Heritage Site after more than 50 Thai tour operators cancelled visits to the province in the last few days.

Luang Prabang Tourism Department Deputy Director Khamtan Somphanvilay said yesterday that the cancellations were due to the recent political unrest in Bangkok.

“However, we still want to encourage local people to travel within Laos. Hotel and guesthouse bookings are down to 75 percent after the cancellations,” he said.

He said that encouraging Lao people to see more of Laos would also help preserve national culture and traditions as well as promoting local tourism sites.

“We are now also facing a water shortage, so some hotels, guesthouses and homes don't have enough water. This is because the water level in the Nam Khan River is very low, which we haven't seen before,” he said.

“However, visitors and local people shouldn't worry about having enough water for New Year celebrations, because we will ask trucks to bring in water from other areas, while local people who have pick-up trucks can carry water from the Mekong and other waterways in the town.”

He added that the government was trying to find the funds to improve the water supply in the province, which would be costly.

In any case, New Year celebrations, particularly the cultural and traditional activities, will go ahead as scheduled, he said.

The programme of activities starts on April 10 and ends on April 19.

April 10 will see the opening of a trade fair in the morning at the Thatluang esplanade. On the evening of April 11 there will be performances by Lao and international singers.

The Nang Sangkhane competition and traditional performances will be held from 7.30 to 11.30pm on April 12 and 13. On April 14, a lolath (traditional market or street fair) will run from 6am to 12 noon. In the afternoon of the same day, people will gather by the river to build sandcastles, hold a baci ceremony and take part in sports competitions at Xiengman village in Chomphet district.

On April 15, there will be a visit by a group from a Lue cultural village, who will perform a show symbolising the life of the village, as well as a baci ceremony. This will be attended by leaders and visitors throughout the morning. In the afternoon, there will be a vor parade which will highlight Buddhist and Lao traditions and will run from Vat Thatnoy to Vat Xiengthong.

On April 16, leaders and local and overseas visitors will attend an almsgiving ceremony at the Royal Palace Museum in the early morning. In the afternoon, the vor procession will parade back to Vat Thatnoy from Vat Xiengthong. In the evening, there will be a procession of nagas, lanterns and traditional performances.

On April 17, leaders, laypeople and the general public will gather to accompany the revered Prabang Buddha image as it is carried from the Royal Palace Museum to Vat Mai Souvannaphoum, where it will be on display for worship. Other traditional activities will also take place on this day.

On April 18, the public will be able to pour perfumed water over the Prabang Buddha and enjoy various traditional performances.

On the last day of the programme, local authorities, laypeople and visitors will line the street as the Prabang Buddha image leaves the temple and is returned to the museum in the morning.

By Panyasith Thammavongsa