Where Is Laos

Lao is a landlocked nation in Southeast Asia, bordered by Burma and China to the northwest, Vietnam to the east, Cambodia to the south, and Thailand to the west. Laos is a mountainous country, especially in the north.

Where is Laos - Area

Laos has area of 236,800 square kms, a fraction of which is mountains and plateaus. Laos has population of 6.5 million. About 85% of the populations are rural residents and the 1999 annual official population poll said that there were 60.000 more women than men. The average population density is 21 per square kilometer.

Where is Laos - Population

Laos is the lowest populated of the Indochinese countries. The scenery is centered by mountains, jungles and Mekong River, which runs for 1,800km along the western border of the country. A devoutly Buddhist country, Laos has exposed to give travelers with a chance to experience the variety, lifestyle and natural charm of the nation.

Where is Laos - Cremate

Most of the year is warm and humid. Laos has three unique seasons- the dry or cool Season will come the end of October carry on till February, with cooler weather and decreased humidity. Typical temperature might fall to 12  or 14 celcius. Summer from March to June, with temperature up to 40 celcius. Rainy during June to October with cloudy days and may through August. The average annual temperature 29 celcius varying in Vientiane and 35 celcius in April to 20 celcius in December or January.

Time in Laos is 7 hours Greenwich Mean time (GMT * 7)

There is unquestionably an increasing visitor trail in Laos, but that just indicates there are many roads in places you can make your own trail. After all, fifty percent the fun of exploring here is in the journey alone - the people you meet. are very friendly.

Laos is Prosperous in culture, rich in history, full of Buddhism, rich in rivers, mountains and forests ... Laos is a place of imagination and adventure amid a diverse and very friendly people.

Learn Lao Conversation

Conversation on the telephone

Sam: Hello. May I speak to Danny please?  = Hello khor lom kub Danny nea
Danny’s dad: Who’s calling?  = Man phai nor
Sam: = Sam na
Danny’s dad: Please wait = Ta bud neung
Sam: Ok  = Jao
Danny: = Hello

Sam: Hello Danny, this is Sam  = Hello Danny, nee man Sam na
Danny: Hi Same, what’s up?  = Sabaidee Sam, mee yang bor
Danny is not here: Danny bor yu
When will Danny be back? Danny shi kub ma ton dai/yam dai
That’s all, bye: Thor nee der, lagon
Can you please tell him that I called? Bork lao dai bor wa khoi tho ha
Can you ask him to call me back? Bork lao tho kub ha khoi dai bor
My phone no. is : Ber tho khoi man
Wrong number: Tho pid

Direction in Lao

Where is….?    = Yu sai
I want to go…. = Khoi yak pai
Toilet = Hong num
Airport = Sa-nam bin
Train Station = Sa ta ni Lod Fai
Which way? = Pai tang dai
Left = Sai
Right = Kwau
Straight = Sue
Is it far? = Kai bor
Yes, it is far = Kai
No, it isn’t far = Bo Kai
Floor = Sun
1st floor = Sun neung
2nd floor = Sun song
How much is it to go to morning market? = Pai ta lat sao thor dai