Learn Lao Language

When you visit Laos it is always good to learn some words. You probably won't need to use much if you travel to only the main tourist areas. However, the lao people you meet will be impressed if you try to use a little Lao with them. Here are some Lao words you should know if you travel to Laos

"Sabaidee" that is how we say Hello in Lao.

How are you = Sabaidee bor (Lao)

I am fine = khoi sabaidee (Lao)

I am not feeling very well = khoi bor sabai (Lao)

I am sorry = Kaw tode

Never mind/ you are welcome = Bor pen yang

Thank you = khop jai (Lao)

Can you speak Lao = Jao wao pasa lao dai bor (Lao)

Can you speak English = Jao wao pasa angkit dai bor (Lao)

My name is.... = khoi sue wa......

What is your name = Jao sue yang

Nice to meet you = Yin dee ti dai hu jak jao

Yes = Chao

No = Bor

I am hungry = khoi hew

I am full = khoi im

I want to eat = khoi yark kin

I want to go.... = Khoi yark pai....

I've got a headache = Khoi jeb hua

I've got a stomachache = Khoi jeb tong

I like Laos = Khoi mak Muang Lao

I like Lao people = Khoi mak kon lao

I don't want to go back home = Khoi bor yark kub baan

You are very beautiful = Jao ngam lai

I really like you = khoi mak jao tae tae

Do you want to go out with me = Jao yark pai tiaw kub khoi bor

Do you want to go see a movie with me = Jao yark pai berng nang kub khoi bor

I enjoy talking to you = khoi mak lom kub jao

I love you = khoi huk jao

Lao culture


    very help full ;D

  2. Yes. It is very useful... So, Bor Pen Yang is like Mai Pen Rai in Thai..? interesting...!

    ...Khoi sue wa Scott.....
    Khoi huk jao..! > < 555 Just kidding..

    Thank you for the language info.. Bye bye..

  3. You are right that "Bor pen yang" is same as "Mai pen Rai" in thai