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Sisavangvong, street of heritage city
Mekong River is a source of food for Lao and people that Mekong gets through. Beside Mekong River Luang Prabang has Nam Kane River as a source of food for Luang Prabang people. There’s a street in Luang Prabang which is also a source of income for Luang Prabang people, that street is Sisavangvong Street, the local night market is located here, and this is the popular market in Luang Prabang , local people in Luang Prabang sell their handicraft, silk, clothes, cloths, drawing pictures, carving stuffs for tourists.

At night is a place to sell stuffs from local people but day time is cultural street for tourists to visit many places such as: former palace, old temples especially Sisavangvong museum (former palace), Wat Xiengthong.

When the time of Lao New Year arrives, this street becomes the street of festival. There are people marches through this street; there are also ceremonies for good bye old year and welcome new year.

This street is very important for Luang Pabang people. It’s one source of income for people who sell stuffs there and it’s also a tourist spot where you shouldn’t miss if you go to Luang Prabang.

Buffalo Horn Mountain
Buffalo Horn Mountain is located 70 km far from Vientiane. Buffalo Horn Mountain is a protected area which has a charming nature and this is a place to find the true Lao way easily.

If you want to be in nature and relax, picnic, camping, boat ride to see nature and animals like tigers, elephants, bears, wolves, monkeys, birds, butterflies and other spices that they are hard to be seen in Laos this is a great place for that.

This mountain is the most beautiful reserve area which covers the area of 2000 square kilometer and the mountain is 1671 meter high which include mountain river, waterfalls straight from east to west 80 km long and 40 km long from north to south.

In 1993, Lao government announced that Buffalo Horn Mountain is a national protected forest area in purpose to reserve this wonderful forest for animals to live forever and it’s a spot for tourists to touch the real Lao nature in this wonderful forest.

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