Two tourist attractions in Laos

(From Laos Cultural magazine)-Travel to Laos. Phabath temple and white sand rapids are he tourist attractions, which are located on the same area: Nakhouy village, Xaythany district, Vientiane capital.

Nakhouy is one of 104 villages of Xaythany district, which is situated to northeast, 40 kilometers far from Xaythany municipal area and 14 kilometer far from the big road(Road No.10).
Mr. khamkhay Xayavong, chief of this village said Nakhouy village with a population of 400 has 74 houses. People engage in agriculture and the second village income is derived from tourism, particularly the natural and cultural tourist sites.

Phabath temple is classified as the cultural tourist attraction, which is rooted in legend and religion. Located on the foot of Khoukhouy Mountain, this site has Phabath footprint, which is 1.55 meters deep and 3.75 meters long. All toes have the same length. There are a lotus wheel and animal images inside the footprint. it is teh right footprint. Those who come to visit this site worship at it, forecasting by drawing lots. There are a Buddha image and a gong, which are used for typing one's luck(wish and then rub the gong! if there will be goodness or good luck, the gong makes sound).

An abbot of Pabath temple said Phabath temple was built to over footprints of the Lord of Buddha, which were placed on a rocky surface. The legend tells that in the old days a giant threatened in this area and everyday he ate daughters of township people. Young beautiful girls were eaten only middle aged women remained. Therefore, the Lord of Buddha came to help and solve the problem of fellows, teach and punish the giant. The giant, who could not defeat the Lord of Buddha, surrendered and asked the Lord of Buddha for a footprint in order to worship at it. Today, three kilometers far from Phabath temple, there are chalice-shape stupas or chalice-shape stones, which previously called a giant castle area that is 2,000 meters wide and 5,000 meters long. it is called "Chalice-shape stupas" due to many chalice-shape stones in this area.

The natural tourist attraction in the village and beardy area are follows: white sand rapids, Kokmouang (mango tree) rivulet, Nambenf rivulet, Thoua rivulet, Meavang cave, phagnai (big Buddha image)cave, Pho-Meakhoulap cave and Tam cave. The most interesting natural tourist site in Nakhouy village is the white sand rapids, which are wide and beautiful, where cool water flows.

Characteristically, the white sand rapids have water flowing on slopes in a wide area, being a pool. If you look at the rapids from the far distance, it seems to be white. this site is suitable for relaxing, swimming and stay in water and many domestic and foreign tourists come to visit it. The village pays attention to restore this site well, building a road access and huts. Especially, on Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5:00 pm musical bands show (only during the Buddhist lent).

Beside the mentioned, there are many interesting things and readers can identify and seek an opportunity to visit this site themselves.

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