Laos Airlines Announcement

Pakse airport will close for 2 months.

Referring to the notice of the Department of Lao Civil aviation No. 721/DCA dated 12/06/2009 informing that Pakse Airport will be closed from 1st July to 30th August 09 for its renovation work. Otherwise during this period Lao Airlines flights to/from Pakse will be suspended, thus the Savannakhet Airport will be used for the operations of the flights instead.

We would like then to inform that our previous notice is replaced by this one.
Remark: Passengers who has already bought or reserved his/her ticket for Pakse as destination or as point of departure, Lao Airlines will provide him/her with mini bus service from/to Pakse airport on the day of flight.

(Vientiane times) Champasack province, Pakse Airport will be close from July to the end of August for repairing work.
Mr.Yakua Laopangkao said that some part of the runway was feeling the pressures of several decades’ wear and tear and the country’s tropical climate.

These parts are needed to be fixed to ensure a smooth return to earth for planes, their passenger and cargo.

It’s necessary to for the airport to close temporary due to schedule plan for improvement the airport. The repair work will reconstruct the oldest section of the runway which is showing signs of potholing which cause undue wear and tear on the plane.

To facilitate the construction, the airport would be closed from July 1 to September.

If the construction is facing heavy rain for many days, it would cause delays to the contraction and it wouldn’t be able to finish the work on time. The reason that that chooses this time for renovation is it’s a low travel season so it’s the most suitable time to repair the runway.

Lao airlines will add more flight to Savannakhet airport. People who will fly to Pakse Airport will transfer to Savannakhet airport instead then continue over land to Pakse using public transport or tour services. The flight from Vientiane to Savannakhet normally leaves three times a week but now increase to nine flights per week.

For the passengers already booked on flights for Pakse Airport would be flown to Savannakhet then transferred by Lao airlines chartered bus or Van to Pakse.

It was the responsibility of Lao airlines to serve those passengers to ensure they reached their destination.

For more information please contact Lao airlines office:
Address: pangkham street P.O.Box 6441, Vientiane Lao PDR.
Tel: (+856 21) 212-016.
Fax: (+856 21) 212-058.
Once again we do apologize for the changed.

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